Lolah Enjoys Sex on the Couch

A very tan and sexy Lolah seems to really enjoy some sweaty sex on the couch in this free video.

Fabiana’s Fabulous Tan Lines

Fabiana looks great with her sexy tan lines and bikini pulled to the side as she does some doggy style fucking outside.

Hot Bikini Babe Aysla

Hot Bikini babe Aysla gets all wet a sexy looking in this video as she gets warmed up for some fucking outside.

Lyassa Grinds Cock Movie

Lyassa grinds her big Brazilian ass on this guy’s cock for a nice long time in this movie.

Video of Mayarra Riding Cock By Pool

Myarra enjoys some sex by the pool in this free video from Mike in Brazil.  She rides his cock for a bit in the cowgirl position before doing some doggy style up against a wall.

Cicilia Does Doggy Style on Boat

Here’s a great video of very tan and sexy Brazilian babe doing some hot doggy style fucking on a boat.  You can download this full length movie at Mike in Brazil.

Review of Videobox’s Brazilian Videos

For those you you that don’t know, Videobox is the web’s biggest adult DVD download site.  They have around 60,000 videos online that you can download in full length. I searched and they have about 7,000 Latina sex videos.  You have to do a search for both “brazil” and “brazilian” to find the ones that are specifically Brazilian, because there is no one category for them. So I just gave you the link to the Latina category.  This is no match for Mike in Brazil, which has around 150 scenes, but if you also want more movies of other genres, you can get a huge amount from Videobox.  If you do a search for Latina videos, there are over 7,000 – so there is a shitload to like.  There site is ultra user friendly, and video quality is outstanding.  Overall, if you want all sorts of xxx movies, this is a great way to go, and is one of the few sites I just keep a membership to.  They update with 5 DVD’s a day, so I have just never wanted to cancel.  At $17.95 (for DVD quality), it is worth it for me.  Literally, the only downside is you may find yourself watching a little too much porn – and there is such a thing in my opinion.  And I have to add, they seem to have gotten a little slow recently, unless that is just my ISP slowing them down.

More Sex from Brazil

Janes Videos

Jane's Video

Some nice wide screen high resolution porn MOV clips of hot Brazilian babe Jane.

Updated Review of Mike in Brazil

Videos on Site:  265      Network Videos:  3,000+      Sites in Network: 12

Mike in Brazil is an impressive Brazilian porn site that follows the adventures of a few different guys who go looking for hot babes to fuck.  There were 265 full length scenes as of today, and they add a new scene each week.  The site is part of the Reality Kings network, so you get all their sites included free, which adds another 3,000 full length scenes from about 25 sites.  That is a huge amount of reality porn movies.

Shot in Brazil, the women are generally very attractive, with fit, tan bodies, and great tan lines.  Each scene usually starts with a 10-15 minutes of setup, where they meet the women, etc.  Then the hardcore sex starts.  The movies have some good sex, with plenty of anal, and a few threesomes.    You can download or stream the movies.  The movies added sinced 2007 can be downloaded or streamed in full length and in full screen quality.  Before 2007, the clips are 10 minutes long, and the quality is not quite as high.

They are now filming in “HD”, and I put that in quotes because they advertise 1080p, but it isn’t really.  The movies are very high quality, but not true HD.  The best quality is Flash at 3000k/sec, at 1024×576.  Videophiles will note that is not a true HD resolution.  But if you don’t need “real” HD, the quality is very nice and looks great at full screen on my 19 inch monitor.

Because this is a Reality Kings site, you also get full access to all the Reality Kings sites, which includes about a dozen more porn sites covering a variety of niches and story lines.  You can access all the videos from all the sites in one members area, so you don’t have to log in to separate sites, they have merged them all into one, with some nice drop down menus that allow you get search videos from all the sites, see recent updates, etc.  Each site usually has about 200-300 episodes, so the total is around 3,000 videos.  This is one of the premier networks of adult sites on the web.  They make some of the most fun and original movies I have seen, many featuring “pro amateurs” that you don’t see very often, so there are lots of fresh faces.

The only downside is that the older videos (pre-2007) can’t be downloaded in full length, only as 1 minute Mpegs or 10 minute Windows Media Player files.  Other than that, this site, combined with all the free Reality Kings sites, is a huge amount of quality movies.

Free Porn Clips of Brazilian Babe Fabiane

Fabians Free Videos

Fabian's Free Porn Videos

Some nice free video clips of Fabiane from Mike in Brazil.

Scene from Brazilian Island 3

Great little clip from the DVD “Brazilian Island 3″ courtesy of VideosZ (see review).

2,000 Latina Videos at VideosZ

VideosZ now has over 2,000 full Latina videos online.  This is a much bigger selection than most purely Brazilian or Latina sites.  The movies are from DVDs, and you can download the full length scene in Xvid or stream in Flash.  They have a good free movie player if your movie player doesn’t play Xvid that you can download for free – it’s called Zoom Player, and it plays virtually every movie format there is.  Overall, the site is one of the best porn movie download sites on the the web.  They have over 5,000 DVDs online – that is just huge.  The trial membership is full access, so you can join for only $4 and download or stream as much as you want for 2 days.

Natashia’s Free Movies

Natashia has some nice natural tits and looks good in these free movies.

Janaina’s Hot Ass

Now that is a great tan ass!

What is Brazilian Fart Porn?

I had no idea such a thing existed until I wented to Hotmovies (pay per view movie site) and noticed a couple Brazilian Fart Porn videos.  I was like, “what the fuck?”.  Evidently, these are movies of women farting in guy’s faces (or women’s faces).  I guess I should not criticize other people for their sexual fantasies, but I have to admit this seems funnier than it is erotic.  Chicks farting? Hot? And why from Brazil?  Are these women especially gassy?  This is one niche I can’t quite figure out (and there are plenty more equally perplexing), but hey, at least it was something new and somewhat comical, and I don’t run across that too often.  And if you haven’t ever heard about it, now you know.